Knowing that You're Saved and Walking Close to Jesus Christ

Book Cover: Relationship and Fellowship

Relationship and Fellowship is a book about knowing that you are saved and living for Jesus Christ after salvation. "After struggling with assurance of my own salvation for years and finally getting the victory, I can show you clearly, from the Word of God, how to be sure that you will go to Heaven when you die. As a pastor and minister of the Gospel, this book contains Biblical lessons I have learned about living for Jesus Christ." -Stephen Baker

Reviews:M. Mccann on wrote:

If you have ever doubted your Salvation man is this book by Stephen is for you, he really hits it for a grand slam...Of all the books on assurance of salvation I have ever read he really does a great job. Please read this book, is not that long but it is packed with assurance vitamins, he backs every thing up with the word of God no guess work here again this is by far the best book hands down on assurance of salvation I have ever read, please read it is great. Thank you for all your effort my God bless you richly in Jesus name...