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Life: It’s a wonderful thing when things are going right. But what happens when life goes wrong? Are you trapped in anger and bitterness? Do you struggle with depression? Have you experienced sexual abuse? Are you addicted to pornography? Do you doubt that you are truly saved? Discover, The Overcoming Life: Bible-based solutions to some of life’s most challenging problems!


Need some encouragement? Having all the problems that you can handle? This book will show you Bible truths about the radical hope that God offers to you through Jesus Christ. HOPE covers such topics as: How to overcome depression, the meaning of Romans 8:28, The testimony of a convicted drug dealer and gang member who found hope in Jesus Christ, and much more!



Benjamin Lazarus works as a telemarketer, selling overpriced timeshares to unwary, elderly victims. He is the best employee at the company, because he can lie like no one else. On a stormy Monday morning, he is about to discover a secret. He is, in reality, dead. An expert team of villains follow Benjamin and try to trip him up at every turn on his quest to get out of the grave. But there are other forces at work in his life. Benjamin has a caring Uncle and a loving God who are intent on seeing him live. Check out RAISED: A STORY OF SALVATION.


REPENTANCE: controversy has surrounded it for centuries. What does it mean? Why do different dictionaries give different definitions for the same word? Why does the Old Testament teach that God repents? Is repentance really necessary for salvation or is salvation by faith alone? REPENTANCE: GOD’S MARVELOUS GIFT answers these questions and many more.

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